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2nd November Fifth Map Status & Coding Update

I have now completed working on the 5th map for the mod called Condemned Arena. You can see screenshots on the Maps page.
Killa is updating an old death match map called Butler's Hell for the mod.
Goat is continuing work on the scoreboard and Hud and work is progressing nicely.

24th October Fifth Map Screenshots & Coding Update

I have uploaded some screenshots to the Maps page of the work in progress 5th map called Condemned Arena.
Goat is still working on the HUD display with the help of Monkey Harris.

18th October Fifth Map Started & Coding Update

I have started work on the fifth map for the mod. it is another UT99 remake and is an arena style map.
Monkey Harris has been helping Goat with some coding issues incluidng the removal of the pistol mods from maps and the HUD display.

17th October Fourth Map Completed

I have completed the fourth map for the mod called Fear Docks (screenshots on Maps page).
Goat is currently working on the Hud text. So what you will see in your Hud such as how many more kills to go with your current gun.
He is also working out how to remove the pistol mods from maps as they are not needed. You will only have the pistol once as the first weapon and it is already fully modded.

9th October Work is progressing

Goat has incorportated Monkey Mod 2.0 into the mod so it now features antilag, map voting and other MM 2.0 features.
Goat has also made several other advances with the code:-
Weapons and ammo don't appear in maps (health, armour and the cooling mod will remain)
The player starts with a modded pistol and after a set number of kills changes to the next weapon.
The round completes when a player has gone through the selected weapons list.

We have started testing (just me and Goat at this stage) and have had two test sessions so far.

I have started work on the fourth map for the mod.

Goat will work on custom weapon skins once the coding is completed.

Screenshot from 1st Test Session

Testing screenshot


28th September Uploaded Webpage.

30th September Uploaded new screenshots of work in progrss map to maps page

30th September Goat continuing to make progress with the coding

4th October The third map - a remake of the UT99 map Malevolence - is complete. New screenshots are up on the Maps page.
Goat hopes to start initial mod testing in the next couple of days.