GunRace Mod

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The mod is a free for all game mode where the objective is to use weapons selected by the server in order to reach the kill limit. It requires multiple kills with each weapon, except the final tier (knife), which requires only one kill, to finish the game.

It's similar to Hitmen and Arsenal mods and there are also similar mods in Combat Arms (Arms Race) and COD Ghosts (Guns Mod).

The mod is in early development so some aspects may change as the mod evolves.


We are currently working on having nine weapons in the mod - eight bullet weapons and a knife.

Modded Pistol
Super Shotgun (more powerful with a different skin)
Three custom weapons

Each weapon is a bit more powerful than the last as you progress through the weapons.


So at the beginning of the game all players start with the modded pistol.
When you get the required number of kills with the pistol (say 3-5 determined by an option in server.cfg) you then move to the next highest weapon (shotgun).
This continues until one player has worked through all the weaponS and enters the final stage which requires getting one kill with the knife.
When someone enters the final stage there is a message to alert all players.
When a player get a knife frag the map ends and that player is the winner. .

Custom Weapon Skins

We plan to have custom weapon skins for all weapons. Goat is planning to make new custom weapon skins when he has completed the coding.

Custom Maps

We are planning to have five or more custom maps made for this mod. They will be death match maps but specifically made for the mod.
Currently five maps have been completed. You can see screenshots on the Maps page